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Simple features

The Simple thermostat offers a sleek hardware design and is powered by cloud-based learning software that saves energy while keeping the home comfortable for customers.

  • Learns individual preferences and behaviors
  • Easy to use app supports multiple locations and thermostats
  • 9 different schedule combinations
  • Personalized savings reports
  • Energy saving leaf indicator
  • Automatic away based on location
  • Wi-Fi® connection
  • Large, easy to read, always visible display
  • Outdoor & room temperature display
  • Precision Temperature control (+/-1°F)
  • One touch Away settings
  • Available in white and black colors

Technical specs


  • Conventional: 2H/2C
  • Heat pump: 3H/2C with emergency heat


  • LCD based always visible display
  • Display Size: 3.25” diagonal 
  • Viewable Dimensions: 2.5” x 2.5”

Wire terminals

  • RC, RH, C, Y1, Y2, W/E, W2, O/B, G, L


  •  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 

 App compatibility

  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android™ 
  • Desktop app compatible with Chrome™,  Safari®, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox®


  • C-wire
  • Display Size: 3.25” diagonal 
  • 24 VAC adapter available separately